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Customer Spotlight: Arielle Charnas

Arielle Charnas is the definition of a busy mom. The 29-year-old runs Something Navy, a hugely successful fashion and lifestyle blog that has amassed over 1 million Instagram followers. When she isn’t collaborating with athleisure brands like Bandier or developing her own fashion line, Arielle soaks up quality time with her 1-year-old daughter, Ruby Lou. Instagram followers can’t get enough of the mother-daughter duo, and Arielle’s feed is full of candid videos of the pair sharing dance parties, watching their favorite movies, and eating home cooked meals together. We caught up with the powerhouse NYC mom about her dog, Dylan, and her favorite morning rituals with her family.

When did you first become a dog mom? Tell us a little bit about Dylan and what makes your relationship special.

I got Dylan 5 years ago with my boyfriend (now husband) as our first dog together. We had met another dog that we thought we wanted, but once we met Dylan we knew he was meant to be part of our family. Dylan is so special to us because he was my first “born.” He started our family, which has now grown into four along with his baby sister, Ruby.

How do you prioritize Dylan’s health in your daily routine? 

Dylan’s health has always been very important to us and we always thought we were giving him the best. He wound up developing HGE and was in hospitals on and off, and we tried so many different brands of food. We thankfully found The Farmer’s Dog and that has been a game changer!

You’re also mom to a beautiful baby girl named Ruby! How did you prepare Dylan for the transition of having a new baby in the house?

When we first had Ruby, we took her blanket from the hospital and put it in Dylan’s bed so he could get familiar with her scent. At first we were very cautious because we didn’t know how he would adjust to a new family member. Now Ruby can’t get enough of him and they are best friends! They love watching The Secret Life of Pets together. They do everything together.

What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

It’s ALL amazing. I couldn’t be happier. But the best part is waking her up every morning.

How has your view of health changed since having Ruby?

Since having Ruby, we are constantly cooking at home. We’re always trying new things to find out what Ruby likes, which has made us all more health conscious!

What does a typical healthy day look like for you, Dylan, and Ruby? Are there special activities that the three of you share?

Dylan, Ruby, and I have a morning ritual! The three of us take a walk to get coffee, and if the weather is really nice we’ll walk into SoHo for breakfast. I’m also lucky enough to work from my home office, so I can be with them all the time!

Image: @somethingnavy