Customer Spotlight: Whitney Leigh Morris

Whitney Leigh Morris is all about simplicity. The creative director and force behind The Tiny Canal Cottage runs her business out of her 1920’s Craftsman-style home located by the Venice Beach Canals and blogs about how to live beautifully, no matter the size of your space. In honor of Mother’s Day, we caught up with Whitney about being a healthy mom, her two rescue beagles, and how she keeps her tiny family balanced.

When did you first become a dog mom? Tell us a little bit about Stanlee and Sophee and what makes your relationship special.

There was never a time in my childhood when my family didn’t have a rescue dog as a member. Stanlee is a rescue, too, and he and I have been side by side for nearly 9 of his 11 years. Until we adopted Sophee 2 years ago (when she was just three months old), Stanlee was my one and only coworker, day in and day out. As my job began to require more and more attention throughout the day, I felt like Stanlee could use another friend here at the Cottage. Sophee is a love bug, and she encourages all of us — not just Stanlee — to play a bit more often and to cuddle with each other a few minutes longer every day.

How do you prioritize Stanlee and Sophee’s health in your daily routine? What does a typical healthy day look like for you, West, Stanlee and Sophee? Are there special activities that the four of you share?

Stanlee and Sophee’s heath and happiness are a top priority to us and we schedule time for their general well-being daily. We walk together along the beach in the morning, take them to the dog park at lunch, and end the day with a stroll around the canals.

You also have a beautiful baby boy named West! How did you prepare Stanlee and Sophee for the transition of having a new baby in the house?

When Adam and I discovered that we were pregnant last year, we made a few other changes to ensure that we wouldn’t overlook the pups as we adjusted to life with the baby. We planned some pup pampering in advance, as we wanted them to associate the baby’s arrival with some fun new updates at the house. These changes included new dog beds, weekly bundles of new dog toys, and twice-daily feedings of The Farmer’s Dog food. They’re completely obsessed with the food. I’ve honestly never seen them react consistently this happily to any other food.

What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

Every day I enjoy new experiences with both West and the pups that make me feel like I’m living my happiest moment ever. (It sounds so sappy when I articulate it, but it’s true.)

How has your view of health changed since having West?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. We all only get one life, and if we carry the responsibility of one another’s well-being in our hands, we have to treat that precious duty with the utmost consideration and respect. While tending to your own health and that of your family is indeed a weighty role, it’s also the most incredible gift.


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