For the love
of dogs.

Our mission

We want to make it easy to give your dog the best life possible. And that starts with what you put in their bowl. We were founded by two dog lovers who we were fed up with highly-processed, burnt brown balls being marketed as “natural” and “healthy” — so they decided to reimagine pet food from the ground up.

Guided by science.
Driven by love.

Using decades of pet nutrition research (and a little common sense), our founders worked with top vet nutritionists to create a convenient and perfectly-formulated fresh pet food service.

All of our dog-specific recipes are made with ingredients that are high-quality enough for humans to eat, and cooked in a safe, regulated kitchen that’s exclusively used for human-grade food production. And for freshness and convenience, it’s then delivered direct to your door.

We’re using quality and safety standards never before seen in the pet food industry — and the result is food safe enough that humans could eat it, but perfectly nutritionally balanced for dogs.

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Our tale...


It began with Jada

Jada was the most beautiful puppy, but suffered from severe digestive issues the first two years of her life. Her dad and our co-founder, Brett, tried every food on the market. Nothing helped.

Things move much faster now that it isn’t just Brett packing orders by hand

Fun Fact:

Brett and Jonathan loved listening to Doo-wop classics to stay energized and upbeat during late nights in the kitchen. Music — Doo-wop in particular — continues to be an office staple!

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Real food, real results

Following the recommendation of one vet, Brett tried home cooking. He simply prepared ingredients pictured on the front of a bag of traditional dog food — but what he made actually looked, smelled, and tasted like real food. Seemingly overnight, Jada was cured.

A fresh revelation

Brett realized that the way pet food was being marketed was very different from how it was being made, so he teamed up with Jonathan (and his pup, Buddy) to build the company they wished existed for their own dogs. From cooking and packing to delivery and customer service, it was a true passion project full of twists, turns, and belly rubs.

The feedback

Brett and Jonathan were blown away by the local response to their service; dogs of all shapes and sizes were thriving on the food, and their humans had newfound peace of mind about what they were feeding them. With a small-but-mighty team, they set out to make The Farmer’s Dog available across the country — without sacrificing a crumb of the care, love, and quality of their first home-cooked batch.

Brett’s home-cooked food vs kibble
Delivering the first batch of orders in the wee hours of the morning

Fun Fact:

We get a lot of questions about our name, which was inspired by the fact that many of the longest-living dogs throughout history have been farm dogs. We think it might’ve had something to do with the simple, pure, and unfussy relationship between human, dog, and earth — a special bond that we try to capture in everything that we do.


Our team has grown to over 100 people (we’re hiring!) and we’re delivering millions of meals monthly. In many ways, we’re just getting started, but what drives us hasn’t changed: Making it easy to keep dogs healthy. We’re not sure if Jada realizes how many dogs her story has ultimately impacted, but we think she’d be pretty pleased.

Start Your Fresh Journey
“At the end of the day, dogs aren’t humans, and do need to eat different things than us — but they’re still living things that need real food.
Feeding our food isn’t about spoiling your dog or being fancy; it’s about recognizing that no natural digestive system — human, dog, or otherwise — is suited to highly processed food. We don’t want dogs to simply survive, we want them to thrive.”
— Jonathan
“You don’t need to guess what’s actually in our food. You can literally see it, smell it, and even taste it — really!
Unlike most kibbles and canned food, our fresh food is made with ingredients that are so high-quality, they’re safe for humans to eat. And unlike traditional dog food, ours maintains its nutritional integrity because it’s gently steamed in a USDA-regulated kitchen exclusively used for human-grade food production. It’s a standard of safety and quality previously unseen in the pet food industry.”
— Brett