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A simple change in what we put in dogs’ bowls can have a transformative impact on their health — improving everything from digestion and allergies, to energy levels and life span. But these humans tell it best.

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Dr. Catriona Love
One of the most exciting innovations in pet food, The Farmer’s Dog is a safe alternative to conventional brands.
See the benefits of feeding fresh
Boosting Health & Wellness
The Farmer’s Dog has improved the lives of all types of dogs — both healthy dogs and dogs with specific health issues. The happy families that use The Farmer’s Dog stress that not only has the food improved their dog’s health, happiness, and appetite—it’s made their own lives infinitely easier, too.
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boosting health and wellness dog
Pleasing Picky Eaters
This is the first time in a LONG time that Finnegan has been excited about dinner. We’ve gone through countless brands of canned food. I decided to switch… and am so glad I did. For the same amount of money, I have fresh food delivered that I know he is going to eat. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
— Finnegan’s mom
boosting health and wellness dog
An online pet food company that makes feeding real food to dogs really easy.
Researchers concluded that fresh diets do demonstrate a number of pet health benefits.
It’s never deep frozen, and it never sits on a shelf. All you do is open the pack and pour.
Owners can get healthy dog food shipped right to their door.
Attaining Optimal Weight
Over the years, Maddy went from being a little overweight to a lot overweight. I felt like I’d tried everything to get it off. I ordered her every recipe... She loved them all! Soon, we started to notice the weight loss and she was jumping up on our bed again, which she hadn’t been able to do in years!
— Maddy‘s mom
attaining optimal weight before
attaining optimal weight after

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🔊Made dad film and edit my morning @thefarmersdog. Now watch me eat! 🔊
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Are you ready for it??? #imafarmersdog Otto is tired of looking cute and just wants to eat!!! Finally found a food he actually wants and tolerates!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 @thefarmersdog
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It’s hard work supervising in the kitchen but someone has to do it! Can’t wait to dig into my @thefarmersdog meal 🍲 #imafarmersdog #realfood