Fresh Food for Samoyeds

Perpetually smiling, slightly mischievous, and always up for adventure: that’s the Samoyed in a nutshell. The Sammie is an arctic sled dog originally bred to herd reindeer and guard livestock, with a thick, white coat meant to protect them from the harsh elements, an upturned mouth to prevent drool from freezing around their lips, and bright eyes easy to spot among the shock of white fur. 

Sammies are friendly and thrive when they’re included in family activities. In fact, they’ll become destructive if left alone for too long; these are not dogs who enjoy being left to their own devices for long stretches of time. While their intelligence goes a long way when it comes to training, they can also be stubborn, so a firm hand and consistent training are a must to ensure your Samoyed’s penchant for digging and barking doesn’t become an issue.

A healthy diet of fresh food for your Samoyed is the best way to support their health and happiness—along with lots of mental and physical stimulation, plenty of attention, and a family that will include them in everything.

What’s the best dog food for samoyeds?

A diet of fresh dog food for your Samoyed contributes to a healthy, active life, and could help stave off some of the ailments common to this breed.

Start Feeding Your Samoyed Fresh

Let’s determine your recommended recipes, meal plan, and weekly price.

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Why fresh is best for your Samoyeds

meat and veggie

Highly processed kibble can contribute to many issues that can compromise your Samoyeds’s health. Recipes from The Farmer’s Dog are made with fresh, human-grade ingredients, steamed to retain nutrients, and pre-portioned to help maintain weight.

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Maintain a healthy weight 

It’s critically important to avoid overfeeding any dog, big or small. Being even a little overweight can increase your Samoyed’s odds of developing a host of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer. A fresh-food plan tailored to your dog’s needs, and delivered in pre-portioned packs, makes weight maintenance easy. 

Provide nutrients that can reduce the odds of cancer

There’s no sure way to eliminate the risk of cancer, but there are things you can do to give your Sammie the best chance at more healthy years: Keep them lean, avoid heavily processed foods that may contain carcinogens and preservatives, and feed them a fresh diet that can help reduce inflammation. Dietary antioxidants—like those found in fresh vegetables— are proven to help decrease the risk of cancer. Processed kibble and canned food just can't supply fresh, whole vegetables like a fresh diet can for your Samoyed.

Build a plan for your Samoyeds

Your Samoyeds will do best on a diet of nutrient-dense food made from fresh, whole ingredients.

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    Tell us about your dog

    Our plans are tailored to your dog’s needs, based on their age, weight, activity level, body condition and other factors.

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    Choose your recipes

    Pick the recipes that work best for your pup, and wait for your trial box to arrive (and the dinnertime dancing to commence).

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    Get your trial box

    Your trial contains up to 2 weeks of food, so you can get a proper taste of how it’s working for your dog before your first full order ships.

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    Start feeding fresh

    After you’ve had a chance to try (and love) it, start getting perfectly timed deliveries of fresh, healthy food.

Build Your Plan

Protect joints 

Because they’re built to work all day, Sammies can be prone to joint issues, particularly hip and elbow dysplasia. Maintaining a lean body condition can help. And fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog contains Omega-3 fatty acids, proven to reduce inflammation and improve arthritis. Even if kibble contains these healthy fats, they can go rancid sitting on the shelf for long periods. Rancid fats don’t deliver the intended health benefits, and in fact can contribute to inflammation. Fresh food delivers these powerful nutrients intact. 

Promote better digestion (and poops)

A fresh diet provides human-grade, highly digestible protein, which contributes to many facets of your Samoyed’s health. It supports optimal muscle growth and maintenance, and a strong heart. Another hallmark of a digestible diet is what we call “high quality poops.” Research shows that a digestible, bioavailable diet affects the quality and quantity of your dog’s poop—making it less voluminous, and less stinky, than their poop on a kibble diet!

What customers are saying about fresh dog food

  • Obi
    “Obi had terrible allergies. We tried everything. After switching to The Farmer’s Dog he doesn’t have one single hot spot, and he doesn’t lick his paws chronically anymore. He also has a bunch of energy.”
    — Obi’s mom
  • Tyene
    “As soon as we brought The Farmer’s Dog home, her skin was better, she was more active (and high quality poops!). If I can invest in her health and be proactive I think it’s worth it.”
    — Tyene’s dad
  • Atticus
    “Atticus had bad gas and diarrhea. I just thought it was part of having a big dog. With The Farmer’s Dog, it was a complete 180. I should have known that what you put in your body makes a huge difference.”
    — Atticus’ mom
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