By The Farmer's Dog | April 14, 2017

There are a number of reasons why our dogs bark, but it can start to become an issue if it becomes excessive. If your dog’s barking is garnering complaints from the neighbors, try these tips.

Remove barking triggers

There may be specific things that are causing your dog to bark, from an open window where your dog can see neighborhood dogs to food that has been left out on a table. Try removing these triggers (i.e. closing the window or putting food away) to lessen barking.

Keep calm

It helps to remain levelheaded when trying to adjust your dog’s behavior. While you may be agitated by your dog’s constant barking, try pausing before reacting to the situation. Our dogs are deeply sensitive creatures, so if you seem very angry or frustrated, it may stress your dog out and reduce the effectiveness of your actions.

Stock up on dog toys

Many dogs bark out of boredom or loneliness when their owners aren’t around. Having a variety of toys on hand can help keep your dog calm and engaged in this situation.

Read the room

Assess the situation: if you’ve fed, walked, and played with your dog and he’s still barking at your feet, he may just be looking for extra treats. If you react to your dog’s bark every time he beckons, he will learn to associate it with attention. Be strong; fight the bark and wait a few minutes to see if your dog settles down.

Consult an expert

If it feels impossible to put a stop to your dog’s excessive barking, consider investing in outside help. Obedience classes can help improve your dog’s behavior, as dog trainers have a variety of techniques up their sleeves and work with dogs on a daily basis. You can sign up for a group class or try one-on-one training.

Don’t let your dog’s excessive barking get you down! Make sure that you implement some of the above tips to make positive changes. There are steps that you can take to adjust your pup’s behavior so that both you and your furry friend are happy.   

Image: @hammythefrenchie