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The Farmer’s Dog gives dog lovers peace of mind by helping them do the best for their dogs. We do this by making fresh food to human-food safety standards—with vet-developed meal plans personalized to each dog’s needs, and delivered directly to people’s doors. And we do it with our Digest articles on all facets of dog care. 

Pet health is an important topic to us. That’s why The Farmer’s Dog editorial team carefully researches and reviews every piece of content we publish. We deliver evidence-based advice and medically reviewed facts that focus on pet nutrition, health, and well-being. The mission of this site is to help people provide the best care possible for their dogs by publishing only trustworthy, accurate, and timely health information from a group of passionate experts. We turn to the top experts in the fields of dog behavior and health for insight, and our team of veterinary professionals reviews our health articles to ensure they’re providing the latest, and best, info. We hope this site helps you and your dog live a happier, healthier life together! 

(Meet some of our writers and reviewers below!)

The Farmer’s Dog

Articles authored by The Farmer’s Dog are typically written by a combination of our staff writers, trusted freelancers, and other expert contributors. They are subject to the same rigorous research and review process as our single-byline articles. 

Dr. Brandon Stapleton

Dr. Brandon Stapleton is head veterinarian at The Farmer’s Dog. 

He earned his DVM from Auburn University in 2008, having previously earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Kentucky. Upon graduation, he began small animal practice in a AAHA accredited, progressive, multi-doctor practice in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He would practice there approximately nine years, spending most of his tenure serving as Medical Director and Managing Doctor for the practice. While in practice, his areas of interest included nutrition and soft tissue surgery. 

Dr. Stapleton was a frequent columnist in various area publications on many aspects of veterinary medicine, guest lectured in a local professional school, and did numerous media appearances on radio and television to cover stories related to animal health. Alongside a gifted team of nurses, doctors and managing staff, they would grow the practice and would be recognized as the regional practice of the year three consecutive years before his departure in 2016.

He left practice to serve as a consulting veterinarian for an animal nutrition company for two years. In 2022 he got the chance to join the amazing group of people at The Farmer’s Dog as their head veterinarian. He will help them carry their mission forward to help dogs and the people (and professionals) that love and care for them

Jon Zeller Digest Author Jon Zeller

Jon Zeller is a writer who has contributed to The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, New York, and many other publications. He covers dog behavior, cognition, and culture for Digest. He lives in Brooklyn with his spousal equivalent and their miniature dachshund.


Teressa Iezzi AuthorTeressa Iezzi 

Teressa Iezzi is a writer and editor. She leads the content team at The Farmer’s Dog and in that capacity has written about every facet of canine care, from arthritis and adoption to separation anxiety and vomit. She’s previously held editorial and creative roles at Ad Age, Fast Company, and Wieden + Kennedy.