By The Farmer's Dog | December 1, 2023

Why feed your dog fresh food? Our customers will tell you that they see the reasons through every hour of their dogs’ days. Here’s a moment-by-moment rundown of fresh food’s benefits, complete with testimonials from customers who’ve witnessed them. Results are not guaranteed, and every dog is different—but, rest assured, every one of these quotes is real!

8am: Wake Up

Your dog is well rested and raring to go with plenty of energy from the wholesome nutrition of their fresh diet.

“My 13-year-old pup was starting to move more slowly, and had less energy. Switched her to The Farmer’s Dog and she acts like a puppy again. Remarkable difference. It has certainly improved her quality of life.”

— Hailey’s person

8:10am: Poop Time

A reliably high-quality poop! Highly digestible food means less waste. It’s easier for you to pick up, too.

“I’m blown away at his change in potty habits. Almost since I got him, I’ve dealt with a myriad of problems related to his gut health. We tried so many different types of foods and treats, it’s dizzying. I can say that in just the, what, three weeks I think we’ve been on this food, Max hasn’t had a single soft stool. What I used to call “pudding poops” were almost a daily occurrence. He would often scoot all over the place because his butt was itchy, would eat grass to try and settle his stomach. No joke, I don’t even think he’s farted once since being on The Farmer’s Dog.”

— Maximus’ person

8:30am: Breakfast!

Your dog is literally bouncing with excitement to devour their bowl of fresh, healthy food. A stress-free start to the day.

“Finally! Food that Piper, my sweet mini golden doodle, enjoys! We’ve started and stopped with a number of brands of food, but now we’re customers for the long haul with The Farmer’s Dog! He just loves the food, and we have zero waste.”

— Piper’s person

9am: A Snuggle

Your dog’s fresher breath makes for a cuddle during which your eyes are watering at how cute they are—not because of a disagreeable odor from their mouth. 

“John got his first order of The Farmer’s Dog last week and is absolutely loving it! He actually carried me his bowl the second day and was like, ‘more please?’ His breath used to smell like hot garbage, but we noticed that it doesn’t anymore—after just a week!”

— John’s person

9:30am: Walkies

You can barely keep up! Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is a great way to keep their joints healthy (and to keep them walking longer: maintaining a healthy weight and lean body condition has been shown to increase dogs’ lifespan by up to 2.5 years). 

“His stomach was so big it touched the ground when he walked. We believed for a long time that he had a genetic disorder that was causing him to stay so overweight. He’s extremely active but couldn’t seem to shed the weight…for years. Within weeks of switching to The Farmer’s Dog, Diego started dramatically losing weight. He’s now down to 17 pounds and has so much more energy. He absolutely loves his food and is a different dog now! We have not changed anything else—it is truly a miracle. The Farmer’s Dog has changed Diego’s life and is worth every penny.”

— Diego’s person

11am: Training Time

Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids can support puppies’ memory and learning—and your dog’s diet is full of them. New tricks, no problem.

12pm: Surprise Playdate

The naturally occurring tryptophan in your dog’s diet can help promote a positive mood—before their friend has even arrived.

“She has way more energy to go on our hikes and chase after the ball during fetch games. It really changed her personality back to her normal self. After our long hike, she’s happier than I’ve seen her in a long time, and I know it’s because of the food.”

— Rosie’s person

1pm: A New Box of Fresh Food Arrives!

Your dog’s meals arrive without you having to lift a finger—or leave their side. Plus, their relationship with the mail carrier has improved dramatically.

“The Farmer’s Dog staff is remarkable. I have spoken with many of their members—and every single one, without exception, has impressed me with their interest, care, consideration, and willingness to address my concerns. To each and every staff member, please accept my deepest gratitude for your kindness, understanding, patience, and making mealtime for Opie fun. You are the best, and it is evident you love dogs too.”

— Opie’s person

3pm: Vet Visit

A positive experience for all, thanks to your daily investments in your dog’s health—they are showered in compliments. 

“MJ has been loving The Farmer’s Dog food for two years. She is going on 14 years old. Vet’s comment last visit: ‘She looks perfect; excellent weight and waist definition, and beautiful coat!’”

— MJ’s person

5pm: Evening Walk 

Your dog is glowing, so much that the Dogist has asked to take their picture. Your dog’s photo goes viral. 

“My dog, Bruno, has never looked or felt so good. I did a lot of research when choosing his previous brand of dry food. I thought I was giving him the best and healthiest on the market… boy, was I wrong! Bruno was constantly shedding, had bad breath, and just did not exhibit the condition he should for a chap of 5 years old. He has been dining on The Farmer’s Dog for two months now, and he looks and feels incredible! He looks like a two-year-old. He no longer sheds, and his breath is fresh and clean. His coat absolutely gleams with health. His eyes are bright and his energy level is through the roof! If anyone is on the fence about trying this or making the switch, don’t be!”

— Bruno’s person

6pm: Dinner!

It’s easy to precisely portion out your dog’s food, giving them the exact right amount they need. Plus, fresh food has more natural moisture, so they’ll get a little extra hydration. 

“The food delivery is super convenient, and the packaging is environmentally friendly. I love that the food comes with portion-control instructions based on the profile that you create for your dog.”

— Daphne’s person


7:30pm: Pet Sesh

The omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals in your dog’s diet make for a softer, shinier coat and an enhanced petting experience.

“Her coat was coarse and thin—and it’s grown back soft and so full that we had to get her trimmed!”

— Coco’s person

9pm: One More High-Quality Poop

Just for good measure.