By The Farmer's Dog | June 30, 2021

If you’re traveling with your dog, or just planning a day trip, and want to bring their fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog, you have a few good options.

Ship to your destination

For trips within the contiguous 48 states, The Farmer’s Dog can send an order of your dog’s recipes to your destination. Just let us know where you’re going and the dates of the shipments with about a week’s advance notice (or sooner, if you know about your plans). Make sure that you have a refrigerator or freezer where you’re staying so that you can keep the packs cold. As a heads-up, depending on the size of your dog, the minimum amount of food we can send is about one week’s worth. To set this up, and for more details, log in to your customer account and contact us.

Pack in a cooler with ice

You can also transport The Farmer’s Dog packs in a cooler with ice. It’s best to arrange them as tightly as possible to help them stay frozen longer; the less air in between packs, the better. Most airlines will allow our sealed packs on board, but we recommend asking your carrier so that you can comply with their guidelines. Transporting The Farmer’s Dog packs in a cooler may shorten their shelf life a bit compared to storing in a refrigerator or freezer, so use them as soon as possible once you arrive at your destination.

Pack in a thermos

For short journeys like overnight camping trips or beach days, storing your dog’s food in an insulated bottle or two can do the trick. Freezing the open, empty bottle the night before you go will keep it extra cool. Our insulated bag (see pic above) also works well to tote some food for a picnic or other day trip.

Be sure to feel the food before serving it. If it’s still cold to the touch, you should be good to go. If not, skip it—The Farmer’s Dog is real food with no preservatives, and shouldn’t be kept too long at room temperature. If it’s been out for two hours—or one hour at 90°F or above—throw it away.

However you choose to transport your dog’s food, we hope you and your pal have many fun adventures together!