Vet Reviewed

By The Farmer's Dog | August 1, 2023

Because dog people want to feed their canine companions the healthiest food possible, it’s natural that they look for products recommended by the most important partners in their pets’ care: their vets. We feel the same way, so we’ve put together the following info to help give you confidence that The Farmer’s Dog is healthy, vet-recommended food, and one of the best ways to help your dog thrive for years to come.

The Farmer’s Dog recipes are developed by veterinarians to be complete and balanced

It was a vet’s advice that helped launch our company, and vet professionals continue to shape every aspect of our product.

All of our recipes are developed by on-staff, board-certified nutritionists to be complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards for dogs in every stage of life—from puppies to seniors. We also have a team of on-staff veterinary professionals dedicated to providing education and resources to support the veterinary community and dog owners. And all of our recipes are recommended by thousands of vets.

“Our approach is simple: There is nothing that we take more seriously than making safe, nutritious, complete and balanced food for dogs. Our team of board-certified veterinary and animal nutritionists has decades of experience in doing this to the highest standards in the industry. And we’re fortunate to have veterinary professionals all over the country that trust us and our process enough to recommend The Farmer’s Dog to their patients and use it to feed their own dogs. We don’t take that trust lightly; it means everything to us.” — Brandon Stapleton, DVM, head veterinarian at The Farmer’s Dog

What about WSAVA?

WSAVA, or the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, provides veterinarians and pet owners with guidelines to aid them in selecting pet food based on meeting certain criteria including and not limited to: nutrition, food safety and control processes, and the company behind it. WSAVA does not approve, certify, or recommend pet foods. Their Guidelines for Selecting Pet Foods are outlined in a list of questions that help veterinarians and consumers know what to look for in a pet-food brand and on the label.

The Farmer’s Dog meets or exceeds all of the WSAVA guidelines for selecting a pet food (read more).

“As a veterinary nutritionist, I have always been comfortable recommending The Farmer’s Dog and fully understand its potential to be an optimal way to feed. When it comes to teaching veterinary nutrition in schools, I make sure to teach students about the options out there so they are aware of all types of dog foods—even when they are not traditional kibble or canned products. Awareness and comfort are key.” — Joseph Wakshlag, Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®, The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is highly digestible

Our food is gently cooked (not raw) so it’s safe for humans to handle and dogs to eat—and it’s clinically proven to be more digestible than typical varieties of heavily processed kibble.

That means, that compared to most commercially available dog food, more of its nutrition can be absorbed and used by the dog’s body. Our food’s protein digestibility ranges from 91 to 93%. Kibble’s protein digestibility varies, but can range as low as 64%.

“No animal’s digestive system is designed to eat highly processed food every meal of their lives. The Farmer’s Dog makes it easy to feed your pet something better.” — Alex Schechter, DVM

The Farmer’s Dog is raising the bar on pet-food safety standards

Unlike most dog foods you find in stores, The Farmer’s Dog is human-grade. 

Human-grade dog food is food that’s made to the same safety and quality standards that apply to human food, according to FDA and USDA regulations. AAFCO has an official definition of the term “human-grade,” and there are guidelines that govern its use on pet-food labels.

It’s important to note that the standard applies not just to the ingredients, but to the place and the way the food is made. The Farmer’s Dog food is made and tested in USDA-compliant facilities. This means it’s made alongside food made for humans and subject to the highest safety standards in the pet-food industry. In addition, we require that all facilities be certified to GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards.

Very few pet foods are made to this uncompromising standard.

The Farmer’s Dog food helps keep dogs at the right weight

One thing that vets agree on: One of the best ways to safeguard your dog’s long-term health is to keep them at a healthy weight and lean body condition. And getting portions right is critical in this regard. We work with vets and nutritionists to determine a dog’s optimal calorie needs based on breed, age, activity level and other factors—and we make it easy for dog owners to adjust portions as their dog’s needs change, making it easy to achieve and maintain their ideal body condition.

“Obesity in dogs is an immense and worsening problem. Feeding a truly healthy, pre-portioned food can add years to your dog’s life and save you thousands of dollars.” — Jonathan Block, DVM 

A growing number of veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists, and mounting scientific evidence, suggest that a diet of minimally processed, fresh food is highly digestible and promotes good health for dogs.

The Farmer’s Dog food is backed by veterinary expertise and research, and is a safe, healthy way to feed your dog.


If you’re a veterinary professional, learn more about The Farmers Dog at our Vet Team Portal.