By The Farmer's Dog | December 1, 2022

Dogs are always on our minds, and throughout 2022 they have also been a consistent presence in the headlines. Here are some of the most interesting dog-related news stories we’ve seen over the past year.

4,000 Beagles Were Rescued From a Research Facility

These dogs were bred for pharmaceutical testing. Now, thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Humane Society of the United States, they can live in loving homes with humans.

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RTO Was Tough on DOG

Humans going back to offices tried to help their pals through separation anxiety with training, lifestyle changes, and—in at least one case—a hefty dose of public radio.

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A Woman Caught Her Dog Falling Out of a Window

The pup’s plunge—from the sixth floor of her building—could have ended in disaster if not for her human’s quick reflexes. The border collie, Florence, apparently opened the window on her own.

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A Lost Dog Came Home a Winner

Bonnie went missing, but her story had a happy ending. She returned to her family in England, and while she was out she managed third place in a dog show. What a day!

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Dogs Know Their Humans’ Voices

Scientists found that dogs can tell when they hear their people, even without visual and smell cues—confirming the validity of those classic RCA ads.

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