By The Farmer's Dog | November 28, 2023

Dogs made plenty of news this year. Here are some of the canine-centric stories that caught our attention.

The World’s Oldest-Ever Dog Ever Celebrated his 31st Birthday

Bobi, the Portuguese dog whose longevity made him famous, turned 31 in 2023. Bobi ate only human food, and Guinness reported that the menu for his party would include “local meats and fish.” While Bobi did sadly pass away later in the year, his longevity is an inspiration to all those who want to see their dogs live long, healthy lives.

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Scientists Found That Talking Nicely to Dogs Makes a Difference

Not that many of us need an excuse to use baby talk with our dogs, but research found that doing so improves training outcomes.

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200 Dogs Helped a Centenarian Celebrate His Birthday

Robert Moore loves dogs, so his daughter wanted them to be part of his celebration when he turned 100. They were shocked and delighted when a massive procession of pups showed up.

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Research Showed That Dogs Remember Where People Hide Food

Researchers found that dogs were able to locate food more quickly when they’d seen people hide it than when they relied on smell alone to track it down.

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Dogs Performed with an Orchestra

Dogs in Denmark were trained to bark on cue—and stay quiet the rest of the time—during a performance of the “Hunting Symphony.” Said symphony was composed by Leopold Mozart, not his son, sadly precluding any “Woofgang Amadeus” jokes.

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