Vet Reviewed

By The Farmer's Dog | June 13, 2024

Fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog is good for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about the meaning of life stages on dog-food labels, and why The Farmer’s Dog is an ideal choice for dogs of all ages once they’ve started weaning. 

The Farmer’s Dog is suitable for dogs of all ages

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which sets standards for pet food, has two nutrient profiles for dogs in different stages of life: 

  • Adult maintenance
  • Growth and reproduction

Dog-food manufacturers can also develop and market products that meet both nutrient profiles, and are suitable for all life stages.

You may notice that “senior” is not among the life stages listed above; although many foods are labeled as being “senior” formulas, AAFCO has no official nutrient profile for senior dogs.

The Farmer’s Dog food is labeled as suitable for “all life stages,” because it is formulated to meet the requirements for both the “adult maintenance” and “growth and reproduction” nutrient profiles, providing optimal nutrition for dogs of any age. There is no reason that a puppy or a senior dog has to switch from The Farmer’s Dog to some other food just because of their age.


An adult boxer looking at puppies.

The Farmer’s Dog fuels healthy growth for puppies

Puppies have particular nutritional requirements, and not all dog foods meet them. Our recipes are formulated by board-certified nutritionists to be complete and balanced for growing puppies. 

Growing puppies require more calories, fat, protein, and essential nutrients per pound than older dogs. But, even so, balance is key. At this important stage, when your puppy’s bones, brain, and other organs are developing, you should feed fresh, balanced food in the right portions. Puppies thrive when they get the ideal mix of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Too much or too little of certain nutrients—like calcium and phosphorus—can cause health issues. And research shows that DHA, a component of omega-3 fatty acids, can improve puppies’ memory and learning. Our fresh food contains human-grade salmon oil to provide this important nutrient to your pup.

Because our food is suitable for all life stages, you can keep feeding all our recipes from puppyhood through a dog’s adult and senior years—and it’s easy to update their plan as their needs change.

If our food is formulated to meet the special needs of puppies, why is it also an ideal choice for adult dogs? The answer lies in those omega-3s, and in our pre-portioned, adjustable plans. Omega-3 fatty acids are nutritional Swiss Army knives that offer many benefits to dogs of all ages—including promoting skin, joint, and brain health, and boosting immune function. And because our food is lightly cooked, it better retains these powerful nutrients. Because our vet-developed plans are personalized according to your dog’s unique needs, we make sure that their daily calories change as they grow, or as their caloric needs shift for any reason. In short: some vets may caution against puppy food for adult dogs because it’s calorically dense—but our food is pre-portioned for your dog’s precise needs, and overeating won’t be a concern as long as you stick to their recommended servings. In fact, our precise portioning makes weight management easier than it is with kibble, canned food, and other options that rely on vague “scoop” suggestions corresponding to weight ranges.

And you can start feeding your puppy our fresh food as soon as they’re weaning. Puppies can be offered “gruel” to stimulate food intake starting at 3–4 weeks of age. You can make this gruel by mixing fresh food with a tablespoon or two of warm water. Puppies should be fully weaned and eating solid food by 7–8 weeks of age.

Many pet foods that carry the “complete and balanced” claim are made with feed-grade ingredients, and are heavily processed at high heat. Our fresh, gently cooked food is clinically proven to be highly digestible—giving your pup a healthy start and helping to nourish them throughout their lives. 

The Farmer’s Dog helps adults (and all dogs) stay in ideal body condition

You may not think of adult dogs as having “special” dietary needs, but it’s vital for every dog to be in a healthy body condition. It can quite literally be a matter of life and death—research has shown that dogs in a lean body condition can live up to 2.5 years longer than those who are overweight.

It’s hard to know how much to feed your dog when you’re using many commercially available dog foods, which often offer feeding guidelines corresponding to broad weight ranges and measured in scoops. The Farmer’s Dog eliminates the guesswork by delivering your dog’s food pre-portioned for their precise caloric needs. This makes it easier to get your dog to a healthy body condition and keep them there.

The Farmer’s Dog can keep seniors thriving into their golden years

The Farmer’s Dog is a great choice for senior dogs. Our food is made with fresh meats and vegetables that are lightly cooked so they retain their vital nutrients. And our food is clinically proven to be highly digestible—meaning your dog’s body is absorbing and using its nutrients.

Our food has some other benefits that are especially relevant to seniors—it’s soft, and easy to eat for dogs who may be missing teeth. It’s proven by our research to be more palatable than leading kibble brands (it tastes better), which is a huge plus for older dogs who become pickier eaters. The high-quality protein sources used by The Farmer’s Dog can help senior dogs maintain lean muscle mass. And fresh food contains more moisture than dried, ultra-processed pellets—helping to keep your dog’s body hydrated and aiding digestion and elimination.

Just like their younger counterparts, it’s important for seniors to stay in a healthy body condition—something that’s easier to achieve and maintain with pre-portioned fresh food. As your dog’s needs change, it’s simple to make adjustments.

Dogs with specific medical conditions may have special dietary needs—talk to your vet

The Farmer’s Dog is good for dogs of all ages—from puppies to seniors. However, there can be medical reasons that certain individual dogs require diets with more or less of a certain nutrient. 

The person who’s most qualified to give you guidance about what food will be healthiest for your dog, especially if they’re dealing with a medical condition, is your veterinarian. If you’re ever in doubt about your dog’s diet, or any other aspect of their care, call your vet.