Better for them, easier for you.

A simple change in what we put in dogs’ bowls can have a transformative impact on their health — improving everything from digestion and weight issues, to energy levels and life span. But these humans tell it best.

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Over 100,000,000 Meals Served

  • MK

    Marina Kinross

    This healthier diet may cost a little more than the dried or canned food but it has saved me hundreds of dollars on vet bills.
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  • PS

    Pamela Stewart

    My dog LOVES the food and I love the convenience and nutritional value!
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  • CC

    Catherine Clark

    We have noticed clearer eyes, shinier coat, and much more energy!
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  • SH

    Shawna Heninger

    If you love your dog feed him food from The Farmers Dog. Your dog will love it and you will love knowing it is healthy and safe.
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  • TB

    Tarun Bhatnagar

    Our Havanese puppy “Chutney” is a very picky eater and The Farmer’s Dog is the only thing he eats without fuss.
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  • CK

    Cindy Kirkland

    The Farmers Dog has cleared up all of my dog`s allergies and Pip just absolutely loves his fresh food!
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  • HG

    Heather Grassette

    The quality is amazing, as well as the customer service.
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  • SH

    Sarajill Hartley

    We recently switched from kibble to the Farmer’s Dog and are totally thrilled!
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Veterinarian Testimonials

Dr. Catriona Love
One of the most exciting innovations in pet food, The Farmer’s Dog is a safe alternative to conventional brands.
Boosting Health & Wellness
Bruno has never looked or felt so good. He no longer sheds and his breath is fresh and clean. His coat absolutely gleams with health. His eyes are bright and his energy level is through the roof! Thank you for making quality food at a good price point. If anyone is on the fence about trying this or making the switch, don’t be!
boosting health and wellness dog named bruno
  • Leo’s mom
    With TFD, my dog’s fur is shinier, he has more energy, he licks the bowl clean, his digestion has greatly improved, and no more farts!
    Leo’s mom
  • Myah’s dad
    Our 14 y.o. is now running again after eating TFD! I wasn’t expecting such a big improvement. You truly are what you eat.
    Myah’s dad
  • Ravi’s mom
    I love this company. They truly care about their customers and have a great product. My dog has lost weight and is more energetic.
    Ravi’s mom
Pleasing Picky Eaters
This is the first time in a LONG time that Finnegan has been excited about dinner. We’ve gone through countless brands of canned food. I decided to switch… and am so glad I did. For the same amount of money, I have fresh food delivered that I know he is going to eat. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
— Finnegan’s mom
boosting health and wellness dog
  • Nick’s mom
    Nick would seldom eat my homemade food, but gobbled TFD down in seconds! The vet can’t believe the improvement.
    Nick’s mom
  • Prince’s mom
    Prince is an extremely picky eater, but from his first TFD meal, he‘s gobbled up every bite! Y’all have done what no other dog food company can.
    Prince’s mom
  • Benjamin’s mom
    I have bought every dog food available, but Ben wouldn’t eat. I put your food in the bowl and he gobbled it. He will sit at his bowl and beg.
    Benjamin’s mom
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An online pet food company that makes feeding real food to dogs really easy.
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Researchers concluded that fresh diets do demonstrate a number of pet health benefits.
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It’s never deep frozen, and it never sits on a shelf. All you do is open the pack and pour.
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Owners can get healthy dog food shipped right to their door.
Attaining Optimal Weight
Over the years, Maddy went from being a little overweight to a lot overweight. I felt like I’d tried everything to get it off. I ordered her every recipe... She loved them all! Soon, we started to notice the weight loss and she was jumping up on our bed again, which she hadn’t been able to do in years!
— Maddy‘s mom
attaining optimal weight before
attaining optimal weight after
  • Jack’s mom
    Jack was dropping weight so quickly. I found TFD and he has already put weight back on and devours the food!
    Jack’s mom
  • Lola’s mom
    Lola has put on a lot of weight in her old age, but since switching to TFD, she’s lost 10lbs and is playing again! It’s nothing short of miraculous.
    Lola’s mom
  • Liam’s mom
    I changed up Liam’s food and he has his puppy energy back! Thank you so much for helping me whip this fat boy back in shape!
    Liam’s mom

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🔊Made dad film and edit my morning @thefarmersdog. Now watch me eat! 🔊
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Are you ready for it??? #imafarmersdog Otto is tired of looking cute and just wants to eat!!! Finally found a food he actually wants and tolerates!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 @thefarmersdog
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It’s hard work supervising in the kitchen but someone has to do it! Can’t wait to dig into my @thefarmersdog meal 🍲 #imafarmersdog #realfood