The Dog Years Are Over

For as long as any of us can remember, we’ve been trained to feed commercial “dog food.” What do we have to show for it today?

Over 80% of dogs will get some form of dental disease in their lifetime — roughly the same percentage who eat dry food. Nearly 60% are overweight or obese. Half over the age of 10 will develop cancer — but most won’t make it past that age to begin with.

It’s as though they invented ‘dog years’ to hide a shorter lifespan. But we want more actual years with our pets. And that starts with what we feed them.

Start Feeding Fresh
This graph shows the amount of dogs eating dry food, about 80%, compared to the amount of dogs suffering from dental disease: Also about 80%. We don't believe in coincidences — just fresh food.

We’ve come to rely on pet food labels and what’s pictured on the bag or can, because the “food” itself - both in smell and appearance - has never been a very useful guide.

Neither is the bag, it turns out. A host of ingredient label tricks allow companies to mislead consumers, and numerous studies have found pet foods to contain ingredients not listed on their label, or missing those they claim to use.

But what about the “good” brands?

Pet food production in the U.S. is held to alarmingly low safety and quality standards, which are hidden behind loose labeling and marketing regulations.

While the picture on the bag suggests that the brown pellet inside was made with a gorgeous roast chicken breast, the reality can instead be diseased chicken parts, mixed with starchy fillers, and processed at temperatures known to produce carcinogens.

And this can all be labeled “premium,”“natural,” and even “organic.”

What is legally allowed in pet food?

Dog with food bowl

Pet food should be…food. Not burnt brown balls.

We discovered that the key to our dogs’ well being was real food in their bowls — not simply pictures of it on a bag. And our customers constantly remind us about the wonders fresh food can do for dogs’ short- and long-term health.

Most of these dogs weren’t visibly “sick” or grappling with specific issues. But in some cases, a dog given weeks or months to live suddenly had a new lease on life.

The effects of this simple switch may seem like magic, but there’s no trick. It’s just the power of real food. Made fresh. Quickly frozen. Delivered to your door.

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