By The Farmer's Dog | January 13, 2024

If you’re here, you may have seen a commercial for The Farmer’s Dog on TV and wanted to know: What was it called? What was that great song? Who were those adorable dogs? We made the commercials, and are thus in a position to answer those questions. Find the info you’re looking for below, along with the ads themselves.

And, as long as you’re here, consider signing up to feed your dog healthy, fresh food. We agree that our commercials are great—but our food is even better.


“Forever” celebrates the special bond between dogs and their people. The spot follows the story of one dog, Bear, and his human, Ava, as they journey through the moments and milestones of a happy life together. 

We called this spot our love letter to dogs, and it sums up our mission as a company—helping people give their dogs a full, healthy life.

“Forever” aired during the 2023 Super Bowl—it was our first ever big-game commercial. It won the USA Today AdMeter, was nominated for an Emmy, and made a lot of dog people cry. 

Music: “Forever” by Lee Fields

Directed by: Goh Iromoto

Dog actors (all Labrador retrievers): Wayne and Sammy (puppies), Princess (adolescent), Bolt (adult), Blue (senior). If you want more info, we wrote a whole article about these talented dogs.

It’s Time

This ad highlights a moment familiar to many dog lovers: mealtime anticipation—and also makes the case that it’s time for a fresh approach to dog food.

Music: “The Time Has Come” by Frank Foster & the LA Untouchables

Directed by: Dugan O’Neal

Dog actors: Luther (golden retriever), Nash (German wirehaired pointer mix), and Donuts (terrier mix). Donuts was lost during a hurricane in Louisiana and found by a rescue organization. She was so friendly as a puppy that they used her to help rehabilitate fighting dogs. She then came to California, where she’s been performing in film and television for around eight years.

No Magic

This spot is about how, if you’ve fed your dog The Farmer’s Dog, the effects might seem like magic—but it’s just real, whole food made for the health of dogs.

Music: “Pick and Pluck” by Valentino

Directed by: Marc Reisbig

Dog actors: Pepsi (Lab mix), Jellybean (cattle dog mix), Grit (Australian shepherd mix), and Mink (border terrier mix).