By The Farmer's Dog | April 22, 2022

It’s not the cutest part of living with a dog, but dealing with poop daily is a good opportunity to discover information about your pup’s health. Most dog owners are familiar with a sudden change in consistency (such as a bout of diarrhea), but what about when poop suddenly turns an unusual color or changes in size or shape?

It helps to have an idea of what’s “normal.” As a rule, if your dog’s stools are firm, log-shaped, easy to scoop, and a chocolate-brown color, those are all good signs and point to a healthy digestive tract. These “High-Quality Poops” are one of the hallmarks of a fresh diet.

You can read more about decoding your dog’s poop here. But for a handy visual guide to identifying the different kinds of poop and understanding what they mean, consult our stool quality charts below. And if diarrhea or any other “Low-Quality Poops” stick around for more than a day or so, be sure to speak to your vet.

Stool Quality Chart

Stool Color Chart