By The Farmer's Dog | September 30, 2023

Checkers makes people smile wherever she goes—including the construction sites where her human, Patty, works. “Everybody loves her,” Patty says.

“A few years ago,” Patty remembers, “Checkers just started slowing down. Didn’t want to get up anymore, and nothing was working. It got to the point where she wasn’t eating anymore. I spent countless nights sleeping on the floor next to her bed, just hoping that she would make it through the night.”

That’s when Patty decided to switch Checkers’ food to The Farmer’s Dog. She loved it. “Every day got a little better,” Patty says, and “her energy level was back up as if she was 10 years old again—just such a transformation.”

Five years after they made the switch, Checkers is, amazingly, still going strong. We wish everyone could see this super senior pup in person—but watching her on video is the next best thing, so enjoy this clip: