How to Decode Your Dog’s Vomit

No matter how hard you try to monitor your dog’s health, vomiting happens. Like humans, dogs vomit occasionally to expel food (or trash) they shouldn’t have ingested and usually isn’t a cause for concern.

Still, that gag reflex can be triggered for a variety of reasons and may provide key indicators about your dog’s health. Read up and become an expert on your dog (inside and out). 

How to decode-Your dog's vomit (2)

Ultimately, no one knows your pup better than you do. While many dogs suffer from gastrointestinal issues on commercial pet foods, switching to a fresh diet frequently improves digestive health. If your dog is vomiting more than once or twice a day and you’re concerned, pay attention to the signs and contact a vet. Only a professional will be able to properly assess the situation and determine if there are health issues at bay (or if your dog could benefit from switching diets!).