By The Farmer's Dog | June 5, 2020

In this modern age, if you can conceive it, you can probably get it delivered to your home. Whether you want a curated box of beauty products, plants, razors, wine, or, of course, the old classic, sea monkeys, it’ll appear on your doorstep—repeatedly, if you desire, and at an interval of your choosing. 

Dog food is no exception. In fact, it’s a product that’s especially suited to a subscription and delivery model: the need for it is predictable, cans or bags of the stuff are heavy, and, especially now, it’s safe and convenient to have a reliable supply of it arrive on your doorstep exactly when you need it.

But while convenience is a key feature, subscribing to a dog food delivery plan can offer even bigger advantages to both dogs and their owners. 

Dog food delivery means food can be fresh

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having dog food delivered is the quality of the food itself–it  can be real, fresh food. 

Traditional pet food is sold in bulk bags in the supermarket or pet store, which means it has to be shelf-stable. Shelf-stable food is highly processed food that’s typically full of preservatives. Most dry pet food is made of ingredients that meet the standard of “animal feed.” Those ingredients are then processed with high heat and high pressure to make the dry balls that can sit in bags for long periods (pet food actually can go rancid, often before you reach the end of that big bag). 

Getting your pet’s food delivered to your home means that it doesn’t need to be formulated to sit on an unrefrigerated shelf at the store for an unknown period of time, and can, first and foremost, be a healthy option for your pup to eat. 

Fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog is formulated by board-certified nutritionists and uses whole, human-grade ingredients, which are higher quality than those permitted for use in most kibble and canned food. As a result, those fresh ingredients can be cooked gently, making the final product more digestible and its nutrients more available for your dog. 

Direct delivery means pet food can be convenient

A delivery of fresh dog food might make for a better life for dogs, but it has plenty to offer dog owners, too. 

The pet store can be fun when it comes to buying new toys and accessories; less so when you need to choose the right food amid myriad options promising countless health benefits, and then lug a heavy bag home at the end of it.

If you gave up kibble years ago, and you’re cooking your dog’s dinners at home, your dog thanks you! But buying food for, and cooking, their daily meals is time consuming. And, if you’re home-cooking over the long-term, it’s tricky to make absolutely sure you’re providing all the nutrients your dog needs, in the right proportions. Research shows that many of the recipes you might find online are lacking in nutrients, and nutrient deficiency over time is extremely dangerous for dogs.

Dog food delivery eliminates all of the inconvenience and guesswork, sending the right food for your dog to your doorstep, and giving you back some time in your day. The Farmer’s Dog ships food once you’re close to running out, so you never have to think about restocking yourself, and you can adjust shipment schedules to take into account the changing needs of your pet, and your household. 

Direct delivery means pet food can be accurately portioned

Feeding fresh food is made easy with home delivery, but it’s even simpler when it arrives pre-portioned, specifically for your dog. 

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is one of the most accessible ways to safeguard their health and extend their life, and the simplest way to do this is to be precise about the number of calories they’re eating. Store-bought, dry food is measured in “scoops,” and the suggested serving sizes on bags are vague, and don’t take into account an individual dog’s dietary needs. Suggested servings are often too generous, and what seems like a small difference—a half cup versus one cup—ends up making a huge difference to your dog’s weight, and health. 

When you sign up for a plan from The Farmer’s Dog, you answer questions relating to your dog’s breed, age, weight, activity levels, and more. The result is a food plan that’s personalized specifically to your pup and made as manageable for you as possible.

Your dog’s food packs arrive pre-portioned, with their name printed on them, and all you have to do is thaw, snip, and serve. No guessing, just the right amount of food for your dog, making it simple to manage your dog’s weight. 

Direct delivery means a better customer experience

And speaking of manageability, dealing with a customer-focused, built-this-century company comes with other perks too. 

The Farmer’s Dog has whole teams of passionate dog people available to answer your questions or quickly make adjustments to your dog’s food plan. And change it should. As your dog grows and their body changes, their food needs will too—whether you prefer to speak to a human or make adjustments yourself online, it’s simple to update your dog’s plan and make sure they’re always getting the correct number of calories daily. 

It’s no good eliminating a pet store run only to have to stress all delivery day about a box of fresh food sitting on your doorstep, though. Fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog is always transported as quickly as possible, and arrives when you need it. And thanks to innovations in packaging materials, the shipping box’s biodegradable insulation will keep your dog’s food at a safe temperature until you’re able to unpack it into your freezer. 

If you ever need to rush or delay an order, or change your address, our flexible deliveries are easily adjusted in the online portal—and deliveries are always free. Plus, if either you or your dog isn’t loving it, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Fresh dog food delivery means…. A healthy, happy dog

Your dog’s health may not rest completely on whether you take a trip to the store or pick up a box from your front door, but the benefits of fresh food delivery do add up for dogs. 

The ability to personalize your dog’s plan precisely for them, feed them exactly the right portions, and provide them with healthy and high-quality food really can make a difference to their short- and long-term health.

We hear from customers every day who tell us their dog has their puppy energy back, coat issues are soothed, poops are improved, or their pup is finally just enjoying their food—and all of them are glad they’d made the investment in better food. 

No need to take our word for it either—read the stories of some of our customers who have solved life-long digestion problems, and achieved dramatic, safe weight loss here.  

Find out more about having healthy dog food delivered, and create a plan for your pup at The Farmer’s Dog.