By The Farmer's Dog | July 2, 2024

Summer is a chance for many of us, human and canine alike, to spend time outside and have fun—going to pools, parks, and ballgames; eating on patios; and taking road trips, to name just a few reliable warm-weather standbys. 

But when should dogs enjoy the sunshine, and when are they better off chilling by the air conditioner? When should dogs join you on a vacation, and when should you leave them with a trusted friend? And is there any way to help dogs overcome the fear of their pyrotechnical archnemesis, fireworks? Find the answers to all of these questions, and more, below.

How to Prevent Heatstroke in Dogs

Dogs love to play outside, but going too hard when it’s hot can lead to this life-threatening medical emergency.

A dog panting.

Do Dogs Sweat?

One reason it’s so important to keep dogs cool in the summer is that they can’t deal with sweltering conditions the same way we do. Technically, they can sweat, but they rely more on other methods—like panting—to remove heat from their bodies.

One more tip about dogs in the heat: Never, ever leave your dog in a parked car. This may be obvious to you on a hot summer day, but—per the American Veterinary Medical Association— the inside of a vehicle can easily reach triple digits within 20 minutes, even if it’s only 70 degrees out.

How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated
Adequate water intake is crucial to dogs’ health, especially when it’s hot out.

Should You Bring Your Dog on Your Summer Vacation?

Travel safely with your pal this season—or make sure they stay happy if you leave them behind for a bit. You may also want to dig into our article specifically about taking a road trip with your dog.

How to Travel With The Farmer’s Dog Food

Going out of town doesn’t have to mean a vacation from fresh food; here’s how your dog can keep eating healthy on the road.

Should Dogs Swim?

We’ll help you decide whether getting in the pool is right for your pal, and offer some tips on teaching them to doggy paddle.

A dog in a life jacket standing on a dock near a lake.

Dining Out With Your Dog

A lot of restaurants will let you eat outside with your dogs when it’s nice out. Here’s how to make sure it’s a five-star experience for all involved.

Fireworks Safety for Dogs

July 4 is around the corner, and it can be a dangerous time for dogs—but you can make the holiday safer and happier for your own pet by following the steps in our guide.

How to Camp With Your Dog

Whether you want to glamp in style or bushwhack through backcountry, here is everything you need to know about how to camp happily with your dog.

A dog's head poking out of a tent.

How to Hike With Your Dog

Exploring the outdoors with your pup is a great way to exercise and introduce novelty and adventure into your routine.

How to Remove Ticks From Your Dog

One of the few drawbacks of spending time outside with your dog is the risk of tick bites. Here’s how to avoid ticks, spot them, and remove them.

This Dog Can Play Baseball

Is this article “useful?” Maybe not. But baseball is a big part of summer, and Pepper—also known as “Big Pupi”—is a star.